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Disney is awesome. But i don't get to start training in parking until Tuesday! Friday was my Traditions class about the Disney Way and then today was DAKlimations about the Disney Animal Kingdom and orienting us to the park. Then we went to costuming and I got my costume which is white and yellow striped blouse with yellow skort lol.

SO I have two days to play! lovely.

I leave for Disney World tomorrow.

I start on Wednesday.



so things that happened in the last year.

I got a different car in like february.
I got a new computer after mine crashed in October.
I got hired to work at disney this summer.
I also got asked to be an assistant.
I took the LSAT.
I researched and wrote a 40 page thesis.
I interviewed an activist.
I lived in a gorgeous house off 108 that i'm going to miss.
I have a dirty psycho housemate.
I got way too wasted in Newport.
I got way to wasted during greek week.
I took mad history classes- and love all but one.
I got 100's on my civil war essays.
I stood up for my sisterhood.
I saved some lives.
I volunteered at the Historic Preservation Conference.
i don't know what else. lol

Mar. 23rd, 2009

i've got 5 pages of the fort adams section of my paper done.

goal is to get it done by friday.

because saturday starts greek week!!!
if i do end up in Fl for a good amount of time.

I'm so getting married in RI.
well i don't have to worry about getting that Touro Synagogue job!

because they are closing and fired their staff.

i really hope the fort is not in that situation, even if they can't make me an assistant.

Life Decisions

Ok so- here's my life issue.

So I applied for the Disney college program and got into. Got my first choice- Main Entrance Operations.

Ok awesome. It's from May to January. and i can extend- blah blah if i like it and stuff.

So i finally tell my boss this, and you know what he decides to let me know. That he is trying to get an Assistant for Visitor Services. So basically- i would be getting experience in what i would want to do with my life. and be making more that the $7.21 that disney will pay me.

If he had never of had said the word- Assistant- i would not even be thinking this right now, but he did and now i am so confused.

So i need to pro and con things.


-Have job from May-Jan
-Get disney hospitality experience
-Work there during the holidays
-Maybe get a full time job after in Disney
-meet people from all over, help people
-disney world

Pros- Fort Adams
-History field
-get even better networking in Newport
-best workplace ever
-show off everything i learned in my thesis
-get experience in what i want to do
-most gorgeous work site ever
-know what I'm doing or learn from the nicest boss ever
-stay in RI
-get paid at least more than $9.50

-not RI
-not exact experience in visitor services
-could just be jobless in January
-$7.21 and hour
-have to move everything down there

Cons- Fort Adams
-1hr drive
-probably ends in October

I'd have no health insurance either way.

BASICALLY what i need right now is for Touro Synagogue to call me in for an interview and ask me to be Deputy Museum Director so i would get a REAL job. I really hope i get considered because that would save me alot of heartache on choosing between these two. Or i need my boss to tell me he couldn't get the assistant ship. Like if he had told me this- i probably would have asked to do the Fall program rather than Fall Advantage. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. that way i would spend the summer in newport and the fall in disney.

Life is so annoying right now. ughhhhhh.

Feb. 15th, 2009

ummmm history history history

Feb. 10th, 2009


I'm 22.

It's awesome.



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